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Class 12 Vistas - Chapter 3 Journey to the end of the Earth Question Answer

Vistas - Chapter 3 Journey to the end of the Earth Question Answer Class 12 Vistas - Chapter 3 Journey to the end of the Earth Question Answer

Chapter 3 - Journey to the End of the Earth Vistas - Class 12 English 

Word meaning-  Chapter 3 - Journey to the End of the Earth Vistas


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Question Answer Chapter 3 Journey to the End of the Earth Class 12 Vistas 

(1) How do geological phenomena help us to know about the history of humankind?
Answer - 650 million years ago there was only one southern supercontinent Gondwana with Antarctica. there is no human life on Earth. Because of the Climate worm much of Gondwana grew larger at the time dinosaurs became extinct, other mammals came into existence and the landmass was forced to separate into different countries as today.
(2) How would you describe Gondwana?
Ans- Gondwana was an ancient supercontinent that broke up about 180 million years ago. The continent eventually split into the landmass we recognize today.
(3) What is the visual experience in Antarctica?
Ans- In Antarctica the visual scale ranges from the microscopic to the
mighty midgets and mites to blue countries
(4) What is that beauty of balance that a trip to Antarctica unfolded to the author?
Answer- The author was wonderstruck by the beauty of balance in play on our planet.
(5) What are the indications for the future of humankind?
Ans- If pollution keeps on increasing in the same way as it is increasing today future of humankind will be in danger due to the increasing population carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases are depleting the ozone layer as a result of the ultraviolet rays of the sun coming to earth. This leads to global warming.
(6) The words geological history to trapped in Antarctica. How is the study of this reason useful to us.?
Ans- Antarctica was once a part of the supercontinent. It later gets. separated from India and drifted south to create the present continent. The climate of this land changed from warm to extremely cold. It hence caries a lot of history with itself and can be useful for archeological purposes too. That's why the study of this region useful to
(7) What are Geoff Green's reasons for including high school students in the Student on Ice expectation?
Ans- Geoff Green took high schools the expectation because he wanted to make young minds sensitive about climatic changes, hoping these young minds would be the future policymakers of the world.

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