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Vistas Chapter 2 - The Tiger King Question Answer- Class 12 English

Vistas Chapter 2 - The Tiger King Question Answer- Class 12 English with hindi word meaning.

Vistas Chapter 2 - The Tiger King Class 12 English

Chapter 2 - The Tiger King Question Answer- Class 12 English

(1) Who is the tiger king? why does he get that name?
Ans- The tiger king is. the maharaja of
pratébandhpuram. He gets this name for his skill in killing tigers.
(2) What did the royal infect grow up to be?
Ans- The royal infect grows taller and Stronger day by day. He drank the milk of an English cow and was tutored by an Englishman. He grew up to be a tiger hunter.
(3) What will the maharaja do to find the required number of tigers to kill?
Ans-- Maharaja killed 70 tigers within ten years but suddenly the tiger
population in his kingdom became extinct. So he counted to marry in the royal family of a state with a large tiger: population.
(4) How will. the maharaja to prepare himself for the hundredth tiger which was supposed to decide his fate?
Ans - The Maharaja was very careful to kill the hundredth tiger because he had already successfully killed 99 tigers. only one more was left.
(5) What was the danger stand in losing his throne?
Ans- Once a high-ranking British officer visited his kingdom and demanded tiger hunting having a photograph holding gun with tiger carcass but the king refused to accept his proposal. As the king prevented from fulfilling the British officer's desire. so it was the clanger is losing his throne.
(6) How did the king manage to retain his kingdom?
Ans- The king sent all fifty diamond rings to the wife of a British officer with the hope that she would keep one or two and rest sent back but she kept all and sent him a thanks letter for all those precious rings cost three lakh and was very happy. Thus king manage to retain his kingdom. 
(7) Why did Maharaja decide to get married?
Ans- He decided to get married to the girl of that state which has a large tiger population as he needed 30 tigers to complete his mission.

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